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Our Difference


There are boutique firms that primarily provide Wealth Management Services and firms that primarily provide Investment Strategies. Each one may be a good “business” but we believe each model, by itself, falls short of providing a true solution for clients.

We believe the combination of Wealth Management and providing a broad range of Investment Strategies through one integrated firm provides the best overall solution for clients.

Wealth Management is best achieved when it is highly customized. By matching clients with our team of seasoned Client Advisors, we endeavor to unwind the complexity of tax, estate, asset allocation and financial planning and set a path for future peace of mind.

On the Investment Strategies side of the equation, we believe the effectiveness of simply depending on a rising stock market and high interest income to achieve your goals ended in 2000. Freestone’s approach is to develop your asset allocation and investment strategy using our proprietary model that incorporates some of the same investment principles used by a number of large university endowments. This approach is significantly different than an investment advisory firm that invests only in stocks, mutual funds, and bonds.

We can help you unwind the Wealth Management complexity and implement a portfolio using a broad range of Investment Strategies, including strategies employed by sophisticated institutional investors.

Our People

Client Advisors averaging 20 years of experience, many of whom hold advanced degrees and certifications (MBA, CPA, CFA, CFP, CIMA) provide customized Wealth Management services to our clients – and work with the Investment Team to provide the Investment strategies that are right for each individual client. This experience means we are likely to have assisted many clients with similar financial complexities as the ones you are facing today.

Freestone’s Investment Team provides size, scale and expertise in managing both Traditional Investment & sophisticated Alternative Strategies. Frequently, Freestone’s partners invest alongside of our clients with their personal capital. We believe that this is an important differentiator for our firm.

Freestone’s Partners in Asset Management average over 21 years of industry experience in a wide variety of investment disciplines including Alternative Investments, Private Equity and Traditional Equity and Fixed Income. Asset management employees make up a third of Freestone’s employees.

Investment Culture

Freestone Capital Management was initially formed to manage the capital of the founder, who remains one of the firm's largest clients. Because of this, we have a highly developed investment culture which is different than firms that focus only on allocating a client's assets to stocks, mutual funds, and bonds. We think like an investor.

Investment Capabilities

Freestone employs a hybrid investment approach combining a mix of internal and external management. We believe that deep investment insight can only be achieved if you are actively making security buy/sell decisions in the market every day.

Would you hire a surgeon that had never performed surgery, but just studied and advised others on how to operate?  


We combine elements of theory based mean-variance analysis developed by Nobel laureates James Tobin and Harry Markowitz, with our forward thinking market judgment to develop an asset allocation designed for your situation. We then execute based on the individualized plan we developed for you. This plan may include investments in both traditional and alternative investments.


Our size allows us to remain nimble and opportunistic, yet also provides the resources to support dedicated in-house research, a high level of interaction with outside investment managers and sophisticated investment software that helps us make intelligent, well-informed investment decisions on behalf of our clients

Aligned Incentives

Freestone’s investment teams are compensated in part based upon the performance of investments made or managed by that team. This creates a powerful alignment of interest between our investment professionals and our clients. Freestone’s partners also invest alongside our clients in the same strategies.