100% of our growth goal should be achievable via digital channels. We can only accomplish that if we all opt in. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy. 

From the easiest and “must have” tactics, to those only the truly committed will do, I offer 3 simple strategies.  

  1. Enter all your network’s contact info into that CRM system you hate. Email addresses for all clients - including spouses and adult children are key. The same goes for your clients’ other advisors. If we don’t have someone’s contact information in CRM, there is no way for us to stay in front of them. Have you noticed you’re receiving more texts from merchants? That’s not an accident. Text message marketing is the next channel. 

  1. Real social engagement. It is not enough to passively post content on your social media platforms. That’s table stakes. “Likes” are also not enough. Real engagement means resharing on LinkedIn with tags to influencers and vendors. Include a personal comment that references hashtags to reach a larger audience. It takes 15 seconds to share, comment and tag vs. the 1 second to like. The difference in reach and influence is huge. 

  1. Steady content. The substance of the content matters a little less than the frequency and consistency with which you produce it. I think it was 4 years ago that I wrote my first blog. I’ll be honest, I wrote it because I was bothered my team wasn’t writing any. In a bid to show them “anyone” could write a blog: I went for it. The first one was nerve wracking. I wondered, “what do I have to say that could possibly be interesting to anyone other than my mother?” (Hi mom). But I did it. The response was reassuring. I committed to publishing a blog every week… which I did for the next ~2 years.

If writing isn’t your thing - no worries. As shown by my blogs, the bar for creating content is pretty low. You can also hire a professional.