From the George Floyd killing, to COVID, to the general social unrest in our country, I want to learn from it, get better and help my fellow citizens. 

A simple commitment I’ve made to myself is to use 3 words much more often - and do my best to back them up with action. 

Kindness is a gift every one of us can give to every person in our lives, even masked-up strangers. I think of the ideas I hope to teach my daughter when she is old enough. Be kind always, no matter what.

Racism. I believe things only get better when you move them from the unsaid, to the said. Ignoring difficult subjects without easy answers isn’t going to bring us any closer to solving them. I am sure I will stumble in these conversations. I am sure my lack of understanding will show through. But that is precisely why I want to talk about it more. I want to get better. 

Love is not a weakness, love is strong. But it’s a word I’ve been afraid of for a long time and I don’t feel like I’m alone. We need more love in the world and I believe we can speak it into existence. 

What truly matters more than loving one another and being kind to everyone?