Our son Mack arrived 6 weeks early. In the last several weeks, we’ve had a chance to meet with so many incredible doctors, nurses and other professionals. And while they were all great, we definitely had our favorites. On the way to our daily hospital visits, I couldn’t help but notice several correlations between our time in the NICU and the wealth management industry.  

While in labor and delivery, we met our fair share of doctors and nurses. Our feelings were not impacted by where they went to school, or their credentials. It was our experience with them. The kindness they showed. The confidence they gave us. Our experience as parent’s was entirely based on their bedside manner. 

Professionals in wealth management tout the school they attended and certifications they’ve earned as if their education is a direct correlation to their ability to be a great advisor. A client will select their advisor not by their credentials, but by how they make them feel.  

We used the same OBGYN for both pregnancies. My wife and I respect and appreciate her. She was there when we delivered our first child and we hoped to see a familiar face in an overwhelming situation. When we arrived at the hospital, we met the doctor on-call – who wasn’t our Doctor. Of course, there was a part of us that wanted our Doctor there. And I respect the hospital’s discipline to say, “no, she’s out. It will be fine.” And it was.  

I’ve come home from vacations early, missed important family occasions, all because I felt I “had” to be there. I was wrong. Great advisors build personal relationships with their clients. The advisor knows the family pet’s name, favorite vacation spots, and any pastimes or hobbies. They are their client’s go-to person and it can feel as if they need to be available 24/7.  I’ve learned is that there’s no need to feel self-reliant if you’ve built a great support team around you. If you are confident in their skill set (which you should be because you hired them), let them spend time with the client – they will be more inclined to help or go the extra mile if they have a personal connection.