As we adjusted to our reality that our Doctor would not be there for the delivery, I noticed that the hospital was very purposeful about how we were introduced to our new team. The Doctors who were there had to make a cold introduction in some pretty hectic circumstances. I watched as they quickly made us (my wife) feel comfortable. The Doctors listened. They asked questions. They empathized. When advisors introduce new teammates, they should do the same.  

When they spoke, I noticed how little I understood, or cared when they explained what they were going to do and how they were going to do it. Too much jargon, terminology, and multisyllabic words. I wondered if that’s how an advisory client may feel sometimes.  

When they talked about why they were about to do something, it was a different story. “We’re going to do this to help your baby’s lungs mature.” That I get (and it sounded like a smart idea).  

A great advisor should lead with why. In my experience, clients don’t really care about what an irrevocable trust is, they care about how it will help with the issue they are trying to solve. At Freestone, we focus on delivering the services that matter most to our clients, not the other way around. We aim to help our clients with what truly matters.  

I’m typing this as Mack starts his 5th week in the NICU. We are ready for him to come home, but he’ll be here another month. And, all things considered, we are feeling very fortunate that he is receiving such great care. The experience we’ll remember has everything to do with the people, professionalism and kindness we received. Those are takeaways I hope to use every day.