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This guide is written for tech professionals who want to realize financial independence through informed wealth-management and investment decisions. From corporate stock to tax planning, understand how to write the code and take control of your future.


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Did you know?

< 20% of Americans own or receive options or grants as part of their compensation >

< 25% of Americans have a financial plan >

< 18% of 401(k) participants save more than 10% of their salary for retirement >

Your Guide to Plan for and Realize Financial Independence

Five concepts that provide important information about the unique opportunities – and challenges – that face technology professionals. Ranging from thoughtful strategies to leverage restricted stock options to consideration surrounding diversification, Freestone Capital's experienced client advisors share how to plan for -- and realize -- financial independence.

  • 1Building a Good Foundation
  • 2Understanding RSUs, NQs and ISOs
  • 3Considerations for Concentrated Stock Positions
  • 4More Money, More Tax Problems
  • 5Considering Life’s What-Ifs
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