2021 Freestone Future Leaders Scholarship Winner: Meet Vedanth Iyer

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We recently announced the five winners of our 2021 Freestone Future Leaders Scholarship and invite you to get to know these passionate young adults.

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

College: Yale University

Intended Major: Computer Science & Physics or Electrical Engineering

Vedanth, who is graduating from Sunset High School in Portland, Oregon hopes to gain both technical and leadership skills at Yale University over the next four years. He plans on pursuing computer science and physics or electrical engineering so that he can develop novel technology that has the power to generate positive change in the world. Vedanth is particularly compelled by the prospect of solving problems that exist within the energy or quantum technology sectors. He believes Yale has the resources and diversity necessary for success as an entrepreneur.

Vedanth has proven his ability to create change by becoming one of the 40 finalists in the Regeneron Science Talent Search of 2021, a prestigious math and science competition. He was selected from 1,760 highly qualified seniors. His project was an accumulation of years of scientific research, hard work, and effort. Vedanth wants underprivileged students to have the same opportunities to achieve their goals and attend colleges that will help them realize their dreams so he became involved with the Shooting Stars Foundation.

The foundation, whose mission is to break the cycle of poverty, relies on student volunteers like Vedanth to organize educational events across the United States. The funds from those events become the college tuition for a student in need. Vedanth was Vice President of the STEM and technology branch and ran science-based classes and camps. While he clearly enjoys his time with other scientists, Vedanth is looking forward to expanding his network into the humanities field and collaborating with people who have different interests.

Vedanth also plays the mridangam, a classical South Indian drum, is a Rubik’s Cube speed-solver, and enjoys exploring Oregon’s natural beauty. In ten to fifteen years, he hopes to be constantly trying new things, pursuing his passions with confidence and inspiring others to do the same. However, Vedanth will never forget his high school teachers who believed in him and offered unwavering support.

Posted By: Alison Rambaldini