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It can feel stifling when you’re expected to develop your own direct business channels with little to no direction from your firm. It’s also not uncommon for newer generations of advisors to progress only after being in the team shadows of more experienced advisors, who lead with their existing books of business. If you’re scrappy enough to succeed, your reward may only be eking past a seemingly unattainable goal after “grinding it out” year after year. Once you’ve achieved these hard-earned goals, does your current firm offer the services you need to maintain–and strengthen–happy client relationships?

In this post we’ll cover:

  • Why Freestone’s advisors have the autonomy to drive their own business ventures, supported by exceptional team resources
  • How nearly half of our advisors’ new business comes from firm-established referral sources

Opportunities for growth don’t end with your clients

At Freestone, we don’t expect advisors to pull out their Rolodexes and “work the phones;” we poise our advisors for growth with meaningful team resources and new opportunities by referral channels. Our independent culture fuels opportunity for new business ventures, backed by our team support.

Our firm-established referral channels can be career difference-makers for advisors, especially those hungry to ascend. We allow opportunities for you to engage with these channels and offer models that encourage and reward those who forge new relationships. For example, our beneficial relationship within Charles Schwab’s Advisor Network provides a valuable source of referrals. Existing firm relationships bring another $2-10M in regular firm referrals, and nearly one half (45%) of our business/managed assets is acquired through referral partners. Underscoring our advisors’ collective tenacity, Freestone averaged $28M in new business by advisor last year.

Your dream, backed by our team

You know best how to communicate with your clients. That’s why Freestone management keeps an open-door policy that includes compliance assistance to help you to craft new, business-driving marketing materials while following SEC guidelines. You get the flexibility to create collateral for your current or prospective clients, and work collaboratively with a compliance team committed to your success. Better yet, our management team operates locally on the West Coast and is available to listen, coach, or assist on sales calls or in client meetings without the complication of a three-hour time difference.

Our entrepreneurial approach starts with you

Ready to take control of your growth trajectory? Freestone offers you an established firm with broad professional services, an experienced support team, and back-office operations that minimize the desk work required to maintain a business. You’ve established, nurtured, and maintained your client relationships and we encourage our advisors to manage their businesses their own ways. With Freestone’s reinforcements, however, you’re never growing it alone.

Better advising starts with better resources

Freestone understands that when our advisors are equipped with a supportive team and a strong pipeline of referral opportunities, they can perform their best and most focused work. If you’re an advisor who is ready to take that next step toward growth, and you’d like to learn more about how we approach financial planning and other business-related initiatives, we want to hear from you. Reach out to start the a conversation today!

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