Financial Advisor Magazine features Gary Furukawa and Erik Morgan

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In Financial Advisor Magazine’s September issue, “A Talent For Finding Pearls In Stone,” Freestone’s Founder and Senior Partner Gary Furukawa details how his need for creative investment opportunities led to the formation of Freestone Capital.

“He [Gary] wanted to run off with a few of his favorite wealthy clients and do holistic planning for them, as well as to serve his fecund imagination for value opportunities in strange places, thing he could do writ large with high-net-worth investors.”

Gary’s diverse investing career began in his early teens; he started a firework stand and rented distressed homes to individuals participating in Seattle’s low-income housing program. Gary’s motivation to find investment opportunities outside of traditional strategies led him to consider starting his own firm.

And so in 1999, Gary founded Freestone Capital Management. Soon thereafter Erik Morgan was hired to oversee the firm’s growth initiative, and to focus on providing ongoing services for their high-net-worth clients. Gary and Erik believed that operating solely as a money manager didn’t provide a value-based service for their clients.  Instead, Freestone has always coupled holistic planning with unique investment opportunities.

Eighteen years later, “Clients Come First” remains our number one core value, and we continue to focus on providing our clients with exceptional service and access to uncorrelated investment opportunities. 

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