Freestone’s Gary Furukawa and Erik Morgan featured on The Diamond Podcast for Financial Advisors

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“Bourbon, Real Estate and Golf Courses: How Innovations in Investments, Training and Client Service Built a $9.4B Business.”

Freestone’s Founder, Gary Furukawa, and President, Erik Morgan sit down with Louis Diamond from Diamond Consultants to share how the company’s client-first mentality, novel approach to investing and focus on the next generation of financial advisors have propelled Freestone from $250 million in assets under management in 1999 to over $9 billion today.

In this week’s The Diamond Podcast for Financial Advisors Gary and Erik share the firm’s origin story and the catalyst that shifted the firm from $4 billion to over $9 billion in assets under management in less than five years.

The two would attest that the firm’s approach to investing – investing directly in assets like real estate, Kentucky bourbon and private equity is a differentiator for the firm. But the driving force behind the firm’s organic growth is the continual focus on its clients. From estate planning to philanthropy, Freestone’s team addresses all aspects of their client’s financial lives.

To learn more about Freestone and how we’ve built a successful program to train, develop, and grow the next generation of advisors, listen to the full episode:

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