Get to Know our 2019 Freestone Future Leaders Scholarship Winners

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As the next generation of civic leaders, problem solvers and go-getters, these students demonstrate immense passion and commitment to improving their communities.

As advisors, we’re in the business of investing in the future. An effective wealth-management strategy doesn’t rely on one singular tactic, rather it is a combination of diligent planning, setting purposeful goals and a commitment to follow through.

The winners of this year’s Freestone Future Leaders Scholarship are defined by those same objectives. Out of the hundreds of applications we reviewed during the 2019 entry period, these five stood apart for their entrepreneurial spirits, leadership and problem-solving abilities, and determination to help their communities

Each of the five recipients were evaluated for the strength of response to an essay prompt and graded on their personal narratives, extracurricular interests, community involvement, entrepreneurship and financial need. They showcase immense dedication and maturity to investing in their futures and the futures of their communities.

Here are the It is our honor to introduce you to the winners of the 2019 Freestone Future Leaders Scholarship:

Alexis Skinner

 Hometown: Blaine, Washington

 College: Saint Martin’s University

 Intended Major: Political Science & Criminal Justice

 Alexis is preparing to enter her senior year at Saint Martin’s University where she is a double major in political science and criminal justice. Following graduation, she is considering pursuing a law degree from Texas A&M University, among other law schools, and is interested in immigration reform and tribal affairs.

 As a first-generation college student and first-generation U.S. citizen, Alexis passionately pursues higher education and is motivated by her family’s high standards for hard work. She actively volunteers on campus and assists with fundraising events, including the Saint Martin’s University Fundraising Gala where she excelled under pressure and adapted quickly in a high pace environment.

At the beginning of 2019, she was accepted into an internship program in Washington state Congressman Denny Heck’s office where she assisted in correspondence, research and district-based projects. Later this year, Alexis plans to apply for Washington State Legislative Intern Program, which enables college students to gain first-hand experience on public policy.

 Muskaan Agarwal

 Hometown: Issaquah, Washington

 College: University of California, Berkeley

 Intended Major: Economics & Finance

 Currently a senior at Issaquah High School, Muskaan will soon join the ranks at University of California, Berkeley. Like any soon-to-be college student, she is   excited for the journey ahead but assured in her decision – one of her earliest memories is leaving preschool to roam the Berkeley campus when her father was  pursing his degree there.

 Passionate about finance, Muskaan hopes to one day become an investment banker and move to New York City. She is motivated by new experiences, being active in her community and building her knowledge base.

Throughout high school, Muskaan was an active member of Washington DECA, which seeks to provide leadership and business opportunities to high school students. In 2018-19, she served as the club’s vice president, overseeing its more than 200 members, fundraising and engagement initiatives, and daily operations. This role led her to Financial Beginning Washington, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing financial literacy in Washington state, which created an internship position specifically for her. At Financial Beginnings, Muskaan worked on database management, and created literacy standards and a curriculum that empowered youth and adults seeking unbiased financial education.

In her free time, Muskaan enjoys making short films. Her work has been featured at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth.

 Quinn McElroy-Fuchs

 Hometown: Portland, Oregon

 College: University of Portland

 Intended Major: Nursing

 Quinn found her calling while visiting her father in the hospital in 2017. She had been interested in going into the medical field for some time, but after seeing the nursing staff in action – constantly analyzing, advocating for and compassionately caring for patients – she officially decided to pursue a nursing career.

 This fall, Quinn will attend the University of Portland to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN). Staying close to home, she will continue to explore her extracurricular interests and community involvement while preparing for her future career.

Among her many accomplishments, Quinn founded Operation Tooth Fairy, a nonprofit that helps bring dental care information and supplies to low-income families in the Greater Portland area. Thus far, she and her volunteers have delivered more than 1,500 dental hygiene kits to families with children in preschool, and the organization’s website shares dental care information in seven languages. Quinn also co-founded an American Sign Language (ASL) club at Lincoln High School and organized ASL classes for local police officers, and she has been a member of Portland’s Willamette Wave Riders dragon boat team for the past four years.

 Stephanie Flores

 Hometown: San Francisco, California

 College: University of La Verne

 Intended Major: Criminology

 Stephanie is driven by her ambition to help others and make a difference in the community. Her personal experiences, along with her love for popular crime   shows, have inspired her to pursue a degree in criminology. She hopes to one day become an immigration lawyer and empower individuals and families   struggling with legal and social challenges.

Stephanie worked hard in high school to jump-start her career goals. She graduated from high school with more than 31 advanced placement credits and will technically start at the University of La Verne as a sophomore. She also interned with the San Francisco Police Academy and earned its prestigious Officers for Justice scholarship, building on years of impact relations with local law enforcement.

She believes that education can help break the cycle of violence and financial abuse. Investing in the future of others is her passion, and she looks forward to pursuing a career that will help her achieve her goals.

 Tristan Cunningham

 Hometown: Tacoma, Washington  

 College: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

 Intended Major: Aeronautical Science

 Described as having “propensity for success in technical areas,” Tristan will soon move to Arizona and attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where   he will pursue a degree in aeronautical science. Upon completion, he plans to become a fixed wing professional pilot and has his eyes on a major American   airline as his future employer.

Tristan’s passion for aviation was spurred by his grandfather, who was a pilot for Boeing and notable airlines. Tristan is goal-oriented and has worked diligently to build his knowledge base and academic success to become a leader in his community.  

During his time in high school, Tristan’s list of accomplishments included participation in the National Honors Society, orchestra and WorldStrides, the largest accredited travel organization in the nation. He also volunteered his time to tutor students in STEM classes and was a camp counselor at local intermediate school camps that focused on servant leadership and empathy. 

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