Introducing “Five Fridays”, Freestone’s Volunteer Program

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Freestone is committed to giving back to the communities we live in, and for many of our employees, community involvement and volunteering is an important part of their lives.

In an effort to broaden Freestone’s impact and also to align Freestone’s efforts with causes that resonate with our employees, we introduced the “Five Fridays” program for 2017.  The idea is that every Freestone employee will have the opportunity to spend one of five Fridays out of the office to help a local nonprofit group effect change. 

We crowdsourced internally for recommendations on distinct efforts that support a charity, service, or arts organization.  Once we whittled down the options and spaced the volunteer opportunities out over the year, Freestone employees selected an activity based on their personal preferences.  Sharing our broader interests with each other as a community enrichens our lives inside and outside of the office. 

By the end of 2017, 48 Freestone employees will contribute over 400 hours of community service to Mountains to Sound GreenwayRonald McDonald HouseFareStart, and Treehouse.  Stay tuned for updates from the trenches! 

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