Have you thought reviewing your insurance to ensure you have the proper coverage?

New clients often come to us with varying degrees of insurance coverage, but rarely has a new client come to us with a holistic view of their personal financial situation. We know that it is sometimes easy to overlook how all elements of your financial life are intertwined, and one of the most common areas we need to review and revise for our clients is insurance. 

Our clients came to us with Property and Casualty Insurance – the insurance that helps you protect the things that you own and provides liability coverage if you’re legally responsible for an accident that causes damage – but they hadn’t done a comprehensive review of the coverage that their insurance provided. They knew that they needed this type of insurance, so they figured out how to purchase the policy and then they bought a version that would cover them up to two million dollars for $300 / year.  They liked the price for the amount of coverage relative to other, more expensive options, and figured that they were unlikely to really ever need to use the policy.  But their insurance agent didn't consider their entire financial picture, and we helped devise a more optimal solution for them.

As part of our early conversations, we modeled all of the scenarios that could “go wrong” for them and helped them determine whether their existing policy would provide sufficient coverage if they were found to be legally responsible for an accident that caused damage. We concluded that they were at risk to lose more than the two million dollars of coverage they had if they were to get into an accident. We believed that they needed to increase their coverage with a different policy. 

We aren’t insurance experts, but we know people who are, so we brought in a trusted insurance business partner focused on high net worth clients and coverage. Our insurance partner was able find a policy that would cost our clients only a few hundred dollars more a year but would protect their entire net worth if they are ever impacted by a perilous event.


San Francisco, CA

  • Client Goal

    Review Insurance Products

  • Years with Freestone


  • Actual

    Purchased new insurance policy that protected their entire net worth

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