Wealth Management Services

Freestone’s services connect our clients’ investments to the lives they want to live.

We understand each client has a unique set of financial complexities and long-term goals. That’s why we offer a full suite of services to help protect, grow or transfer your wealth, and address all aspects of your financial life. Our team of trusted advisors creates tailored solutions to help you focus on what truly matters.

Financial Planning

Providing you the freedom to focus on what truly matters starts with understanding where you are today and your future financial goals. A financial plan provides the framework for your wealth, giving you a point of reference that outlines how you intend to meet your financial goals. We contextualize, learn what matters to you, and tailor your plan to incorporate your assets, debts, income, and your cash flows. Plans can also evolve, so whether it’s your own life events, changing tax policies or market conditions, we constantly adapt to keep your plan aligned to your goals.

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As part of your financial plan, we work with you to put together a cash flow analysis that details your cash inflows and outflows. Assessing your available liquidity informs how you’ll fund your expenditures and investment strategy.
Provides the framework or helpful parameters to guide you in the direction of your goals, including anticipated financial needs, family gifting, charitable giving, taxes, tuition, home and lifestyle expenses.
Retirement planning extends past your assets to assessing both planned and unforeseeable costs such as healthcare, legacy planning, and possible legislative changes. We can help you strategize an appropriate savings rate and sustainable spending rate helping to ensure you can meet your goals for retirement, while remaining prepared for the unexpected.
A financial plan can help provide the context by demonstrating the impact that price fluctuations can have on your total wealth. We help illustrate how this may affect your current and future goals, then devise a plan together.
Business owners have unique planning needs. We can help guide you through a checklist of items to review as part of your business succession plan and refer you to outside resources as needed.

Investment Management

Our advisor team helps you preserve your wealth and achieve your financial goals. Instead of offering you a predictable portfolio allocation, we first create a financial plan to provide context that informs the appropriate investments, allocations, and customized strategies for your unique situation. We carefully consider your financial goals; look at your risk profile, liquidity, and timeline; and factor in charitable, legal, and tax considerations to determine an asset allocation that's best for you. Our investment platform has both traditional and alternative investment strategies, including a rich history in proprietary funds.

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Our investment approach differs from traditional investment management firms; we employ a hybrid approach. We complement our internal solutions with outside managers to provide a broad level of diversification, insight, and perspective. In many cases, we invest across a variety of both traditional and alternative investment classes, letting opportunity guide us.

We provide a broad array of traditional asset management strategies that support the customization necessary to satisfy individual client needs. These strategies help you preserve and accumulate wealth, head off inflation, and increase your purchasing power.
We look across the full spectrum of investments, including private equity, real estate, specialty niche opportunities, and hedged strategies that offer access to new and unique opportunities, gain independence from traditional markets and balance your risk. We believe our current alternative funds are well-positioned for potential volatility and/or inflation, delivering results with less stress during turbulent markets.
We understand that some of our clients seek to generate financial returns while at the same time impact social change. Values are different for everyone; depending on the sustainable and social impacts that matter most to our clients, we tailor these ESG investments accordingly.
While you can never fully eliminate risks when investing, we provide actionable steps to help reduce volatility in your portfolio though diversification of your positions and asset classes. Buffer your impact in down markets and leave yourself better equipped financially to focus on what truly matters.

Estate Planning

When it comes to the people, organizations, and institutions that matter most to you, transferring your wealth takes careful planning and preparation. Our wealth planning team takes time to understand the specific objectives you’re trying to accomplish in determining how your estate will be distributed after you are gone. We work with you to regularly review your core estate planning documents, such as a will, durable power of attorney, or a trust to ensure it reflects your current assets and wishes.

Service areas

Ensure that your wealth and possessions are passed on to your desired heirs, or to people or charities you’ve specified in a will. Our in-house wealth strategist can suggest strategies to support preservation and growth of wealth over multiple generations.
Plan for the future and the ones you love. Consider trust planning to manage assets now, for possible disability, and at your death. We work closely with you and your attorneys to meet your succession planning goals, such as Dynasty Trusts, Crummey Trusts, Generation-Skipping Trusts, and Grantor-Retained Annuity Trusts.
For clients that require additional planning guidance, our in-house wealth strategist can help create a comprehensive exit strategy for your transition, whether you transfer ownership to family members, or opt to sell your business and allocate the proceeds among loved ones.

Tax Planning

We believe managing your tax exposure is one of the most effective methods of making your money work for you. Our team understands and identifies proactive strategies to help minimize current and ongoing income taxation. We consider the tax implications in all facets of the wealth planning and asset allocation process, and partner with our clients’ tax advisors to help preserve and grow their wealth.

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Working with our clients’ tax advisors, we formulate strategies that help navigate issues and seize opportunities. Strategies might include using investment vehicles to help increase your after-tax return or monitoring ever-changing tax policies that position you to capitalize on opportunities when they arise.
Keep more of your money invested (and less of it going to taxes) by taking advantage of tax-loss harvesting. Our advisors will explain how selling securities at a loss can offset your capital gains tax liability.

Insurance and Asset Protection

Preservation of your assets begins by protecting them. Insurance policies protect you from certain risks and are critical to preserving your wealth. We regularly review insurance coverages to help ensure our client’s net worth is protected, including life, health, disability, property, and casualty, to see if your coverage is sufficient and appropriate. We realize life evolves and your needs change; when they do, our team will proactively suggest adjustments.

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Limit your risk in a more traditional sense by protecting yourself against events that could negatively impact your wealth. We’ll review your priorities, assets and understand how your current insurance policies align.

Protect yourself and the property you own (homes, cars, etc.) against casualties if you are found legally responsible for an accident that causes injuries to another person or damage to another person's belongings.
Be ready in the event of claims outside of regular homeowner’s, auto, or watercraft policy coverage for yourself and other family or household members, and insure in case of injury to others or damage to their possessions.
Having this safety net can ensure that your family can stay in their home and pay for the things that you planned.

Philanthropy and Social Good

For those charitably inclined, we can recommend ways to leverage your money to make it go further, allowing you to give more. Whether giving now or in the future, bundled or incrementally, we can help you maximize the value of your gifts while minimizing taxes.

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We can help you give to charitable causes that matter most to you while also realizing tax efficiencies. Our advisor team can assist with your planned giving wishes through myriad means, including Donor Advised Funds, Trusts, LLCs or Private Foundations.
An increasingly appealing, low cost, and customizable way to implement your charitable wishes, while also providing a tax deduction. A Donor Advised Fund can be a vehicle for individuals to simplify the estate planning process by updating their list of desired charities through their account, rather than engaging attorneys to update wills or trusts.
Although they serve fundamentally different purposes, these vehicles help the holder protect assets, avoid probate, and minimize taxes. For private and prompt distribution of your assets to your named beneficiaries (including charitable causes), trusts can be a useful vehicle. LLCs allow the owner(s) to retain control over their assets while enjoying protection from creditors. It can also potentially reduce the cost and difficulty of transferring wealth from one generation to the next and provide significant estate and gift tax benefits.
A foundation can be a powerful legacy tool for a family with philanthropic goals, with more flexibility than other charitable vehicles. We can help determine if a private foundation is the right vehicle for you and your family.
We understand that some of our clients seek to generate financial returns while at the same time impact social change. Values are different for everyone; depending on the sustainable and social impacts that matter most to our clients, we tailor these ESG investments accordingly