The Support to Grow Your Business and the Freedom to Do It Your Way

Freestone was founded and built by advisors. We understand what advisors need to be successful

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What Are You Looking For in Your Next Firm?

Ownership Opportunity

A firm is only as strong as its advisors, so we offer equity to established advisors to increase your revenue potential and give you more say in our future:

  • • Join the 70% of our established advisors who are current shareholders
  • • Greater influence on our business objectives and operations
  • • Opportunity to weigh-in on client-led initiatives
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Compensation That Reflects My Worth

We believe in a transparent and straightforward compensation structure that recognizes your value and frees you to operate in your clients’ best interest:

  • • Top of market compensation competitive with industry standards
  • • Evergreen revenue share with no earnings cap
  • • Zero out of pocket expenses
  • • Annual client development budget
  • • Generous profit sharing and bonuses on performance-related goals
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Tools & Support To Grow My Business

As a firm built by advisors, we know what it takes to develop long-term client relationships. We provide the tools to do that and the control to do it your way:

  • • Established firm referral sources that will help expand your business
  • • Full access to our firm’s resources including estate planning, financial planning, and investment teams
  • • Resources such as weekly meetings and investment office hours to promote collaboration and support
  • • Freedom to focus on your particular interests and strengths
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Wider Range Of Services For My Clients

From contrarian investment opportunities to the latest research and reporting technology, we give you what you need to create a better client experience:

  • • Alternative investment strategies including $1.5B in assets invested in Freestone’s own private funds
  • • Hybrid investment approach to complement our private funds and identify investment opportunities outside of our expertise
  • • Planning first firm leaning on technology to provide clients up-to-date information available at any time
  • • Customizable experience for your clients by maximizing our reporting software that facilitates one-off client reports
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