At Freestone, we do everything with

trust, passion and freedom from the herd.

As a 100% employee-owned wealth management firm, we have an unwavering focus on the success of our clients. Our belief is simple: Clients come first. This belief drives everything we do.

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Why We’re Different

Many firms specialize in either Wealth Management or Investment Management. We combine both services to provide each client with a customized plan specifically tailored to meet their financial goals. 

Freestone was initially formed to manage the capital of its founder, who remains one of the firm’s largest clients. Because of this, our investment culture is different from firms that focus only on allocating assets to ETFs, mutual funds, stocks and bonds. We invest across a variety of both traditional and alternative asset classes, letting opportunity guide us. Our investor mindset paired with our knowledge and expertise creates unique investment strategies only available at Freestone.

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Freestone's investment professionals are compensated, in part, based on the performance of investments they manage. This creates a powerful alignment of interest between our investment professionals and our clients. Frequently, Freestone’s partners invest alongside our clients with their personal capital.

Our Client Advisor and senior investment teams average over 20 years of experience. Many of them earned advanced degrees from premier universities and hold respected industry certifications and designations. Our Client Advisor's broad industry and business experience provides the background to understand the issues our clients face.

Freestone's senior investment team members have a multi-disciplined investment background that includes investment banking, hedge funds, real estate, commodities and trading,

Our Team

Some Wall Street firms are not fiduciaries for their clients. Instead, those firms are simply required to recommend investments that are "suitable." This is a subtle but significant difference, and Freestone is proud to operate as a fiduciary for our clients. 

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