Gary Furukawa Named Finalist for CIO of the Year by RIA Intel

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We are proud to announce Gary Furukawa’s recent recognition as a finalist for the CIO of the Year award by RIA Intel. The award celebrates innovative contributions to the wealth management sector and exceptional leadership within the industry.

Furukawa is an investment industry veteran who has shared his passion for investing with clients for over four decades. He founded Freestone in 1999 with $250 million in AUM. Today, Freestone’s in-house investment team, led by Furukawa, manages its own suite of alternative investments including private equity, real estate, and specialty niche opportunities.

Disclosures: The RIA Intel Awards 2024 finalists were announced on 4/11/2024 and award winners will be announced on 6/05/2024. The evaluation process, covering data between 1/1/2023 – 12/31/2023, is conducted internally, relying on research and analysis executed by the editorial team at RIA Intel, in collaboration with the RIA Institute advisory board, which includes: (i) scrutiny of publicly available data, (ii) analysis of past performance metrics, (iii) consultations with industry peers and leaders to assess the nominee’s influence and reputation within the sector, and (iv) the nominee’s contributions to the industry. An award is not indicative of a wealth manager’s future performance or quality of investment advice provided. The inclusion of a wealth manager on the list of finalists should not be construed as an endorsement of the wealth manager by RIA Institute or Institutional Investor. Working with a wealth manager does not guarantee future investment success, nor is there any guarantee that any wealth manager will be awarded this accomplishment in the future. None of Freestone employees paid a fee for inclusion on the list. For more information on RIA Intel Awards, go to

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